KunstRai spring 2022

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Exhibition at Art Gallery O-68

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Anniversary exhibition KEG

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Exhibition Hindsight at Gallery Kuub

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Article Leeuwarder Courant

There was a nice article  in the Leeuwarder Courant in December 2020 about Gallery 'De Kunstkamer'.
A very beautiful gallery in Franeker, that stock some of my steel sculptures in december 2019.
While living in New Zealand they not only sold work, but also sent me this nice article.

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For reading the article , click on the photo (It's in Dutch, sorry)


Ocean Diaries

In 2020 I was able to live in New Zealand for eleven months.
From my solitary walks in Mangawhai (where we lived) and Muriwai (where I spend an artist in residence) on the north island an Ocean Diary was cultivated. But it also derived from the many long north island tracks my beloved and I have walked.
The diary aims to honour the beauty of the Mangawhai and Muriwai coasts, the oceans, and the profound connection I felt to this environment.
The excellent  English translation is done in New Zealand by Joanna Rusher and the layout and printing by White RabbitI'm so grateful for this and very happy with the result!

When you click on the cover photo, it will take you to the PDF of the Ocean Diaries.

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Catalogue Steelsculptures 2014-2019

Catalogue Installations and works in situ 2014-2019


click on the cover to view the catalogue

Exhibitions 2019

28,29 en 30 december 2019

Winter-art-event  'Verlost'(Released) in it Damshūs, Nij Beets
In the open air museum 'It Damshûs';  a group exhibition in and between the former peat workers' houses because of the 100th year of birth of Domela Nieuwenhuis; the 'savior' of peat workers.
For this occasion I made a little crowd of steel 'Cyclops' stretching out their arms to the light.

Expo-Nijbeets-Cycloopjes-.gif      Exterieur-Nijbeets.gif
The little Cyclops in a barn at 'It Damshûs'              Exterior of the open air museum.

With : 
Pat van Boeckel, Sigrid Hamelink, Odette Muijsers, Joris Collier & Gerdie de Jong, 
Marcella Kuiper, 
Saber Mikael, Raimond Evers, Jaap de Ruig, Wianda Keizer en Leontien Lieffering


23-11-2019 t/m 29 december 2019

Art and design exhibition 'PRESENT!' at Genootschap Kunstliefde in Utrecht.
An annual group exhibition, where I took part in several times.
Again a festive exhibition, and sold some pieces too.




02-03-2019 t/m 06-04 2019

'MATTER IS MYSTERY" (MATERIE IS MYSTERIE), duo exhibition with Frans Beerens  at Artzaanstad in Zaandam .

The beautiful industrial building on the Hembrug site lends itself particularly well to the exhibition we had in mind.
The large woven, material photographs of Frans, together with my steel sculptures and the  extended installation 'Woekering' ('Outgrowth') created a true museum-like atmosphere.
We were very happy with this exhibition!
You can find an impression of this exhibition at 'Work in situ'

Click on the photo for more information, also about Artzaanstad (sorry, all in Dutch)
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Exhibitions 2018 / 2017


02-09-2018 t/m 21-10-2018

WEERKLANK (Resonance)

Duo-exhibition with Jan Radersma at the  Wiebenga silo, CHV/Noordkade in Veghel
Opening: Sunday September 2

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 Click on the photo to see both sides of the flyer.


 23-09-2018 t/m 11-11-2018

' 25 jaar galerie De Kunstkamer' (25th anniversary of the gallery)

All the artists connected with the gallery are represented in the exhibition and in the beautiful catalogue.
Opening: September 23 

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List of participating artists:

Harrie van Beek, Tjitske Boersma, Marije Bouman, Wia Bouma, Ank van Engelen, Jef Gysen,
Hanneke Gommers, Loek Hambeukers, Netti Henselmans, Marianne van Hest,
Ingrid van der Hoeven, Jef Horvers, Monique Klaassens, Jessica Knoot, Han Klinkhamer,
Ad van Liempt, Jan Moerbeek, Piet Moerman, Harjo Neutkens, Imke Plattel,
Jan van der Putten, Jan Radersma, Susan Reijnders, Anne Bauke Roorda,
Leo van Turnhout, Helen Vergouwen, Wijnand Zijlmans.

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Design and image editing catalogue : Bart Smit, De Twee Snoeken, 's-Hertogernbosch
Printing: Drukkerij Tielen, Boxtel

07-09-2018 t/m 16-09-2018

Overzichtstentoonstelling Atelierroute 2018 (Retrospective exhibition Studioroute 2018)

Het Kruithuis, 's-Hertogenbosch


 19-05-2018 t/m 24-06-2018

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click on the photo to see  the invitation


BINNENLAND (Interiority)

Duo- exhibition with Huib Fens
Gallery Ecker
Markendaalseweg 18
4811 KC Breda


24-02-2018 t/m 07-04-2018

STAAL, EEN KOELE MINNAAR (Steel is a cool lover)
Solo-exhibition in Gallery 'De Kunstkamer', Hoogeloon

uitnodiging kunstkamer

From the announcement:
The carefulness she uses while hiking - looking, feeling, smelling and tasting -
she tries to reinvent during the slow, artisan-al work.
In her work nature resonates.
In the sturdy steel sculptures organic forms and natural elements can be found.
The robust and unmanageable material appears to have almost been moulded into shape,
whereas it owes its final form to an endlessly, painstaking process of welding and polishing.


'Loose parts, seemingly
unrelated, transcend
into coherent poetry


of matter, shape, weight,
colour, origin and skin.
Flying sparks. Gas.


The doors of perception
open up. Currents get
into gear. Panoramas


 are revealed. The birth
of a new world
from the ashes of the old.'


Excerpt from: ‘Steel is a cool lover’ (Staal is een koele minnaar), Huib Fens, 2016
translation: René Dijkgraaf                                                                                 


07-10-2017 t/m 08-11-2017

NADERING (Careful approach)
duo-exhibiton with Jan Radersma, Voorhoutgalerie, Pulchri Studio, Den Haag

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Click on the photo to see the magazine article about the exhibtion (sorry...in Dutch)

Booklet ' As it were' ( Als het ware )

In order to give the small steel landscapes a special place within my work, a beautiful little booklet was made.
Brigitte van Heck (mr. Bright) took care of the layout and image editing.
The booklet is for sale on the various places where the steel landscapes are also (among others at the Factory Shop in Veghel and LuiLui in 's-Hertogenbosch) and costs € 8, -
If you want to order the booklet or a little steel landscape, you can also send me an email or just phone me.

Click on the picture to browse the pdf of the booklet.