‘Pox’; copper, glass, steel

Originally, Biosphere was an installation intended to be shown in an exhibition in the Botanical Garden of Amsterdam in 2012. However, when the exhibition was cancelled at the last moment, I saw no objection to finishing the piece anyway. Museums of natural history have always been dear to my heart, I can walk around in nature’s wondrous universe like a child.

In my view, the experiments carried out in several places around the world to imitate nature as a self-supporting mechanism in large glass isolations (such as the Biosphere in Arizona) are in line with these museums. With Biosphere I sketch my own biotope; strong plants and organisms that can survive mankind.

(3X) ø 80 x 190 cm
Steel, glass, silicon hose, latex, pigments


A few examples of ‘plant relics’

poliepjes2_.jpg  mispels1_.jpg   schimmel4_.jpg 
                        Polyps                                                                Medlars                                                                                     Fungi


The first test setups and plant relics for Biosphere

biomaak2_.jpg   proefopstelling-1.jpg   proefopstellingbiosphere3_.jpg
proefopstelling2_.jpg  poliep_.jpg  Biodistel_.jpg  anemone_.jpg