Material: steel, coating
Size: 35 x 50 x 12 (total hight)

The sculpture ' I heard the cranes flying overhead' sprang to life during one of my walks in 2014 in Finnish Lapland, when above my head I heard the typical trumpeting sound of flying cranes. Without looking and without ever consciously hearing the sound, I knew: ' That are cranes '. When I looked up I saw a pair overflight. Hearing my description in the evening, a Finnish colleague confirmed: "Yes, those are cranes and at this time of year (early April) they begin to come back '. For me, until then, cranes were  exotic birds for warmer climates, and I never expected them in Lapland. The surprise of recognition, the closeness to nature I experienced during the month of my stay, hád to come out in a sculpture. It slowly but steadily arose as an abstracted image of sound and movement.