steel, linseed oil fire finish, steel worktable with wooden top. 
size table: l 200 cm x d 68 cm x h 76 cm

weight per object: 1,5 to 8,5 kg
number and combination the objects is variable

morandi en kleedKl.jpg

Arrangement in the exhibition 'MATTER IS MYSTERY' with work by Frans Beerens in the background.



 A small impression of the creative process of the various bottles.


 NONNETJE schets-.jpg     NON-bij-detail.jpg

It started with these two, partially solid, steel bottle shapes in the beginning of spring 2018.
After visiting the exhibition 'Giorgio Morandi | Bologna' at the Museum Bèlvédere in Heereveen I was inspired by the stillness and peace of Morandi's work againIn my studio I started to play with al kinds of steel forms that subsequently emerged together the still life 'Ode to Morandi'.
Different set ups and numbers make it possible to create a different atmosphere over and over again.

ODE AAN MORANDI  maakproces Webjpg.jpg

set up in my studio for 'Ode to Morandi'