115x 80x 28 cm
Steel, pigment, epoxy

‘… The cedar is thin, but nevertheless it is probably two hundred years old – which proves that a living organism gains in intensity what it loses in abundance; here, the trees do not grow profuse foliage, but on the inside they are as hard as marble.’… (from: Consolations of the Forest by the French adventurer and  travelwriter Sylvain Tesson)


The root system that I had in mind for ‘Stub’ was complicated and too heavy to make on my own. Fortunately, I was helped by Jan Fonken with whom I built up the stub, tube by tube.

maken-stub1_.jpg  makenstub2_.jpg makenstub3_.jpg makenstub4_.jpg makenstub6_.jpg

The first result was shown on the exhibition Shaping Senses, June 2013 (not yet covered with the alabaster coating on top).